About RCV

The Rotary Club of Vienna was founded in 1965 by people seeking to enlist experienced,capable members of our community to assist in Rotary’s causes. In doing so over the years,the Rotarians of this club have delivered services and created events that have enrich the local community and contributed to global efforts to improve the human condition.

Rotary of Vienna meeting

Our signature downtown event, ViVa! Vienna!, which this club created decades ago and continues to host and manage annually, not only brings several days of enjoyment for children of all ages ;) but also generates significant proceeds, all of which are donated to worthy charitable organizations of many kinds. Thanks to the Town of Vienna’s and community’s valued support, ViVa! Vienna! brought in over $180,000. We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide these funds to those in need.

about Rotary of Vienna

Our club is a close knit but warmly welcoming group of people striving to meet the demands of helping people globally, and providing positive examples right here at home. We have a great deal of fun together, but are goal-minded and diligent in accomplishing what we set out to get done. Always need of support, we immensely appreciate every new member who comes to share in the group’s responsibilities and friendship. So if you’re curious, please contact us to find out more. Whether a member or a guest, we look forward to seeing you!